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Why Fabric?

Permission to regift

Some people frown upon regifting. We’ll refrain from passing judgement on what you do with the gift inside, but strongly believe the gift wrapping should be used more than once. Regifting a NotPaper bag helps reduce waste as you spread joy to someone else. If you love your NotPaper bag too much to give it away, it can be reused in a number of ways - pencil case, toiletry bag, organizer for power cords or toys. NotPaper gift bags are made to last with sturdy canvas and cotton twill ribbons, so the choice to regift or repurpose is an easy one.


Wrapping for every size gift

Have you every struggled to wrap an oddly shaped present, or find a paper gift bag in the appropriate size for a special gift? Personally, we like to show a peek of the present coming out the top. Regardless of your wrapping style, NotPaper bags come in a wide range of sizes making the wrapping a cinch while covering your gift with something as special as the present inside.