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We are NotPaper Bags Co., and we make not-paper gift bags. Get it?  Hold on, there’s a point to all this. We made these bags because we were frustrated by all the waste that typically goes along with gifting these days. That said, we love spreading kindness through thoughtful gestures, and believed that giving a gift could be done sustainably.  So we started sewing and “Voila!” we made some awesome fabric bags that didn’t make an immediate trip to the recycling bin.  Our friends loved them, and so (ha, ha – a pun) we made some more, and then caught our friends doing something devilishly brilliant – re-gifting using our bags.  We also found out that our bags were being used as a pillow case, a toiletry bag, and a collector of Legos.

Now here we are, with a small business that makes fabric gift bags and encourages re-gifting and re-purposing.  We realize this is a stinky business model as loads of gifts can be given with just one bag being used again and again. But we do hope NotPaper Bags encourages people to find joy and spread happiness with small gestures of kindness. 

Let us know what you think.  We are looking for ways to improve, and we love seeing all the different ways NotPaper Bags are being used.  Send feedback and photos to or post them on social media and tag us @notpaperbags!

Susan & Andrea
Co-founders and friends