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Holiday Tan & Green Windowpane



The Holiday Tan & Green Windowpane gift bag features a classic tan & white canvas fabric paired with a deep hunter green twill ribbon. This bag will make any holiday gift look like one-in-a-million, and is is made with heirloom-quality materials to allow it to be used for holidays in the years to come.  

: 5.75" x 6.5" Fits a gift card, chocolate bar, or small accessories.
Small: 8.5" x 10" Good for a candle, paperback book, or small stuffed animal.
Wine: 6" x 14" Perfect for a favorite bottle of wine, liquor, or olive oil.

Medium: 14" x 14" Our choice for a cookbook with salad tongs.
Large: 18" x 18" Great for clothing, blankets, or grouping multiple items together. 
Extra Large: 20" x 26" For big gifts such as boxed toy or tool sets.
Our size guide shows a comparison of the different sized bags.